Visual Effects

I’ve worked in Visual Effects for the last 13 years.

Here’s a taste of the work I’ve done. Pretty much all of it was done in After Effects, Nuke and/or 3ds Max.


Projects included (in order of appearance):

Zhu – Generationwhy (Music Video)
Nexus (My short film!)
Soul to Keep (Feature Film)
Silicon Valley (HBO Show)
Underdogs (Feature Film)
Thriving Ivory – Hey Lady (Music Video)
Pentatonix – Bohemian Rhapsody (Music Video)
Wilfred (FX Show)
Ballers (HBO Show)
Jarami – Hear This (Music Video)
Loote – High without your love (Music Video)
Scandal (ABC TV Show)
Grace and Frankie (Netflix TV Show)
How to get away with Murder (ABC TV Show)
Justified (FX TV Show)