AE Automatic Network Render

Well, that name is a handful, but it’s actually pretty descriptive.

With AE autoadkfjdak.. whatever. With this program, you can automate your renders over the network. Yes, After Effects has Watch folders by default, but they’re a pain in the butt, they don’t work sometimes if you have more than one file in the queue, and they don’t report.

You will also need BG Renderer, available here:

Designed for PCs. However, in the next version you’ll be able to send scripts from macs as well. Your render machine(s) still need to be Windows, but your workstations can be macs.

Auto File Copier

Cerebro Mindmaps VR (BETA)

Ever wanted to expand your thoughts out of your head into the physical realm? Well, you can’t do that yet, but I’m working on the next best thing. Mind maps in VR.  Make notes and move them around you. Categorize and fly to different subjects.

This app is in beta, feel free to email me with suggestions and rants about it.

Available for Google Daydream (Android) only, possibly a VIve version in the future.

File Atlas

If you have many external hard drives that are not always connected, you know what a pain is to look for files.

You need to plug one drive, search for the folder or file, then plug the next drive, and so on.

File Atlas changes that. It automatically saves a list of the files whenever you connect a drive. When you need a file, you just search it in File Atlas, and it will tell you on which drive (or drives) it is.

Footage Logger Pro