Automatically Organize all your external Hard Drives

with File Atlas

If you’re like me, and have more than two or three external hard drives, you know what a pain in the butt it is to find a file in them.

You have to plug the first drive, look through the files (or search and wait), if the file is not there, you unplug it, plug the next drive and repeat. With File Atlas, the endless plugging is over!

What kind of black magic is that? You ask. It’s actually the simplest solution in the world. File Atlas runs in the background, and every time you plug a new hard drive, it saves a list of all the files and folders in that drive.

When you need a file from a drive, you don’t have to plug any of them. You just search in File Atlas, and it tells you all the files that match, and the drive or drives they’re in.

I have about 15 hard drives, been a HUGE time saver (that’s why I coded it, duh).

Feel free to download and give it a try. It’s completely free with no ads.