Easily Automate File Transfers

with Auto File Copier

I have used many backup programs over the years. There are some great ones, but none that met all of our needs in one package.
Usually they were too complicated or feature heavy (which sometimes meant slow), and some were very obtrusive.
At some point over the last couple years I started saving more and more files on the cloud, and I love it. You get an instant backup and most services allow you to go back to older versions of the file.
The only problem is that it does not work very well for media projects simply because of the sheer size of the files. It is not yet practical to save a 500GB project on the cloud. And they’re often much bigger.

With Auto File Copier you connect any two different folders. You simply specify a Source and a Destination folders. Auto File Copier will run in the background, and every every time a file changes on the Source or in any of its folders, it will be updated on the Destination.
Pretty simple stuff, but it gets better:
You can set filters so only certain kinds of files are copied. That way you can connect a 500GB project folder to a Dropbox or Google Drive folder and specify that only the After Effects or Premiere projects are copied, which are just a few megs.
You can also limit the number of sub-folders in the Source that will be copied over. For instance, if I wanted my main project files to be copied, but not the ones in the ‘Auto-Save’ sub-folder, I can set the Source to the project folder and limit the sub-folders to zero.
Automatic FTP transfers
Oh, did I mention that either the Source or Destination can be a FTP folders?
Yup. With Auto File Copier you can automatically set the files in any folder to be automatically uploaded to an FTP server. I use this all the time to send files to clients or when I work with other artists abroad.
You can even create different FTP profiles and have different folders automatically be copied to different FTPs.
Keep your FTP info secret
If you need someone to send or receive files to or from your FTP but you don’t want to give your info, Auto File Copier can generate a Secret Key Code that you can send via email or however you want.
By pasting the Key Code in their Auto File Copier, they’ll be able to connect to your FTP without knowing your server, username, password or even the remote folder.
You are welcome 😉.

I use Auto File Copier for three main purposes:
Backup project files to Dropbox or Google Drive
I have Auto File Copier set to automatically back up all the After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere and 3Ds Max projects from my main project drives into a Dropbox folder every 5 minutes. Like I mentioned before, the project files usually take just a few megabytes while the whole project folders can take many gigabytes and even terabytes.
Of course, I keep a backup of the original media stored safely, but they do not change as often as the project files, so they do not need to be updated automatically, at least in my case. I could have the program back them up regularly anyway, I just don’t need it.
Automatically upload renders to Google Drive
Sometimes I have to leave while the computer is still rendering something I need to share.
In those occasions I make a web output and I have Auto File Copier set to also copy the MP4 renders into a special folder in Google Drive.
Why not render directly in Google Drive?
It creates sync problems. When I tried that Google Drive uploaded the temp files that Adobe creates. Other times, when the render finished it didn’t properly uploaded. Something to do with Google Drive trying to upload the unfinished file.
Auto File Copier detects when the file is still being used and it doesn’t copy it until it’s done. Once finished, the file is moved over to Google Drive and I can see or email it just a few minutes later from my cell phone, wherever I am.
Sharing Full Res Renders to multiple FTP servers
I have some folders set to automatically upload full res renders to client FTPs. I have different FTP profiles for different clients, once the full res renders are done, they automatically upload or download to/from their respective servers.
On the flip side, I’m also using it to receive full res renders when I work with other artists. They set up their Auto File Copier and automatically upload to my FTP server which is in my home office..