I’ve been working in the film industry for more than decade, and I created this site to share. Not just my work, but also the battle stories and lessons that I’ve learned and other non-film adventures and projects.

There’s the projects that I’ve written, directed or done visual effects on. Also, if you’re here for the Articles, check out my blog.


Carlos Aldana

Latest Articles

Tips for the hollywood freelancer / self-employed

Working in the entertainment industry usually means being self employed. The closest you can come to a 'regular job' in this industry is probably a TV show, most 'jobs' however, usually last from one day to a few months. In this article I'll go over some lessons I...

The science behind following your gut

One of the most important lessons in business or anywhere you're dealing with other people is... the other people. How do you know if they'll honor their part of the deal? We've all heard the horror stories, especially in Hollywood. Unfortunately, there's no...

The 4 building blocks of a fulfilling career

I love watching celebrities' stories. Not the ones on E! about their break ups and rehab, but  the ones about their path to success. As entertaining and inspiring as those stories are though, when you try to apply them to your own life is hard to know exactly what to...