I’ve been working in the film industry for more than decade, and I created this site to share. Not just my work, but also the battle stories and lessons that I’ve learned and other non-film adventures and projects.

There’s the projects that I’ve written, directed or done visual effects on. Also, if you’re here for the Articles, check out my blog.


Carlos Aldana

Latest Articles

How to organize your external drives automatically with File Atlas

Over the past six or seven months, I've been working a piece of software to make my life easier when I'm looking for an old file in my various external drives. It's very simple but it saves and incredible amount of time. The program is called File Atlas. I'm kind of a...

Pixar’s 22 rules of storytelling

A couple days ago my friend Richard posted on Facebook a picture that had "Pixar's 22 rules of storytelling ". I've seen this flying around Facebook a couple times and whether Pixar really made these rules or someone just put 'Pixar' there to make it sound better, I...

Success in Hollywood without film school

There's a hard reality that hits most people when they graduate college and go out to the real world after 2 to 4 years of hard study. Something they don't tell you when you're in the process of choosing where to get your degree from. Wanna know what it is? Here it...

Quick passive income idea: Sell your extra footage

Whether you have a camera and are always shooting stuff or you're an editor, producer, or VFX artists with tons of footage or pictures from your old projects that you never used, here's a quick idea for some extra money: Sell it as stock footage. What I like best...