I’ve been working in the film industry for more than decade, and I created this site to share. Not just my work, but also the battle stories and lessons that I’ve learned and other non-film adventures and projects.

There’s the projects that I’ve written, directed or done visual effects on. Also, if you’re here for the Articles, check out my blog.


Carlos Aldana

Latest Articles

Kickstarter vs IndieGoGo: Choosing the right platform

This seems to be the eternal question, there's a million articles out there with the pros and cons about each one. In the end, I realized it doesn't matter that much. For our campaign we decided to go with Kickstarter mainly for two reasons: Recognizability First I...

Why I stopped making people look younger and thinner

It is widely known that models and celebrities never look in real life like they do in pictures. Magazines and ads in particular are famous for photoshopping the hell out of them. You know... Take a pimple out, or wrinkles, remove a double chin, add a six pack, etc....

How to get paid for acting and stop waiting tables

Go to any restaurant or coffee shop in or around Hollywood and you'll find that your servers lead double lives, 'I'm really an actor' one will say with pride while pulling out a shiny business card with his/her headshot on it. When people outside the industry think of...

The 5 Best Options for Rocío

I was talking to a friend of mine who is really bored with her job the other day and wants out. She told me that in her job she was mostly reading one of those BS lists like '10 reasons why Kanye West needs braces'. We joked that there should be a list for her best...