Directing Samples

Short Films

Bionique: Prologue (2013)

The Prologue / Teaser for my web series Bionique.

(Read an early draft of the script here)

Abdel (2004)

My first short from almost a decade ago, before I officially entered ‘the industry’.

No camera? No crew? No problem. Just learn 3D animation (I later learned that it’s actually easier to get a camera and a crew, but by then the short was done).

Also, pardon the occasional weird subtitle. Me english not too good back then.

Trailers of projects directed

Nexus (2016)

Bionique (2013)

Music Videos

Kepler: Guerreros (2014)

PENYA: Quiero Salir (2011)

PENYA: Despierta (2010)