Alright, this post is incredibly overdue, but I made a new short film!

I started this post like four times at different points in the process. One before the IndieGoGo campaign, one in pre-prodution, etc. But I always got busy by working on the short, and never got around to finish this post. Anyway, the short film is done.

Here’s the trailer:

Now we’re going to take it the film festivals, to get financing to turn it into a feature film.

I’ve actually been working on the Nexus project for around three years. I have the full feature screenplay, which took a long time to write. The craziness of the stunts and action makes it incredibly expensive to make. But I still wanted to tell that story in some way, so I wrote a short version of the script. It had the same characters and mechanics, but the plot is slightly different and more condensed.

It was still a really hard short to pull off. Not just the stunts and visual effects work, it has flashbacks, jumps within the same universe AND into parallel universes… it’s nuts!

Several friends recommended me to do a trailer instead, or a proof of concept video showing just the mechanics, or even just a scene that showed the mechanics of it.

I thought about doing that… hard. But in the end I decided to go for the full short, and the reason is simple: I wanted to tell a story.

I love the mechanics and action aspects of Nexus, but they’re just one side of the film, and they’re meaningless without the emotional stakes behind them. You have to earn that, and in order to do that I felt I needed to tell at least the main events that made Lucy the woman she is today… in both versions of her.

I told my friend Erykah about it and even though she knew it was going to be a lot of work, she jumped right in (she’s awesome like that)

I’m really looking forward to put the finished film out in the world, but some festivals won’t accept it if it’s already public. So stay tuned, subscribe to my newsletter, I’ll probably share it there first 😉